Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy way to move a refrigerator!

We had some nice luck the other day when a friend was basically giving away a very nice stainless steel refrigerator.  Why would someone just give one away you might ask... well the wife wanted a new one and didn't like it..  So bonus for us :).

My Tips - on the day you are going to move a frig - go to home depot and rent their truck with the liftgate.  Also rent a good dolly 2 wheel truck at the same time.  Grab a friend that has some muscle to spare.  Take a bunch of blankets so you don't put and dents or scratches in it.  Move old frig out into the garage for future keg-orator project and extra beverage holder.

Also make sure to measure the place you are going to put the new frig - the last thing you want is for it not to fit.

This plan worked out very nicely.  Had the Home Depot truck and dolly back to them in about 2-3 hours.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Smelly House could be a high water table issue

After buying our home about 3 years ago we have been battling a musty smell from the basement.  After spending crazy money on a crawlspace encapsulation, a dehumidifier, new gutters, regrading around the house, reworking sump pump discharge pipe in basement, sealing up laundry basin up pit, and banging my head into the wall we still had the musty smell issue.

I've read so many websites with info regarding this problem.  We found out finally that the smell is coming from the crawlspace and that we have a high water table.  The water from the crawlspace isn't making it to the sump pit in the basement area and is just setting in there under the 20 mil cover.  When it rained hard some would puddle up on top of the cover as well.  That is the problem!  

So I put in another sump pit in the crawlspace.  I pulled back the liner and dug a nice deep hole and wouldn't you know it was filled with water instantly.  Fun Stuff!  I put the pit in - dropped in a new pump and ran PVC pipe out and just connected it to the other sump exit pipe by putting in a Y connector.  Turned it on after about a hour to let the joints dry and there goes the water out from under my house and away from the house.  

Next I filled in the area around the pit basin with gravel all the way to the top.  No need to concrete since its a dirt floor.  I then pulled back the 20 mil liner and made a few cuts to wrap it nice around the new pit top.  Installed the lid and all done.

This was done 2 weeks ago and all musty smells have disappeared !  I continue to run the dehumidifier in the crawlspace and now I can just let it drain into the sump pit - no more emptying the bucket every other day!

If you have this kind of problem and are trying to make up your mind if you want to DIY - just be search to do your research - watch some videos and feel confident that you can handle it before starting.